Streifen für Startseite (SONGBIRD) orang

sing a song - become a songbird

Song Session Circle -  live and  unplugged

We're taking the music back - to where it once came from: from streets and campfires, from living rooms, parlours, bars and pubs.

An evening of songs and tunes from the beginning until today.

And at the same time the musical essence of the fading pop culture of the 20th century.


Here you will meet people who love the same things as you: music - spontaneous and handmade.




Bring your voice or another instrument - or just sit back and enjoy the great live atmosphere.

At SONGBIRD, the songs shine in a new light - different every time and always "fresh off the press".


I playfully guide you through the evening and give you a safe musical ground; this way you can completely connect with the music beyond the demands of performance or the feeling of competition.


And for all those for whom music is primarily for the legs: there's always a little dance floor somewhere.

Some copies of the lead sheet folders are available on site (lyrics & chords).

If you register for a SONGBIRD event, you will receive an exclusive link to the free download of the sheets and can even listen to all the songs at your leisure with the jukebox.


Up to two weeks before the next event, you also have the opportunity to make music requests from the complete index - just send an email or ask in the chat below.


Admission is free of charge.

At the end of the event there will be a hat ready - for your appreciation contribution and as compensation for the costs incurred.


Then there is the spot LICHTERLOH (Brightblazing):

You can kindle a light for everyone for a moment. In the form of a song, a poem, a story or a literary text.


By the way, SONGBIRD can take place anywhere - even at your home with your friends, your family and/or guests you meet that evening. So if you feel like singing again and making music with others, let me know.


Depending on where I am at the moment, I will be happy to visit you within a radius of about 50 km.



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